Ethyk BrainBelt Headbands Vs Manduka Yogitoes hband Headbands


Ethyk Brainbelt Headbands are sturdier, stretchier, more absorbent, and are domestically made versus Manduka headbands.  


Ethyk Manduka
Made In USA
✅ Yes 
No (India)
Organic Cotton
✅ Yes
✅ Yes
Cotton Grown in USA
✅ Yes 
Unknown, but unlikely
Fabric Weight
✅ 7.2 oz/sq yd
Product Weight (8"x4")
✅ .5 oz (+66% absorbent)
.3 oz
Composition 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex 94% Cotton, 6% Lycra


Feel the difference for yourself - try Ethyk Brainbelt headbands for your next workout.

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