Manduka Yogitoes Headband: Where Did They Go?

The Manduka yogitoes headband is a beloved yoga accessory for many practitioners – so why isn't it made anymore? Let's take a look at what happened to the yogitoes headband, and explore some alternative options for those who want to keep sweat out of their face during practice.

What Happened To the Manduka Yogitoes Headband?

The Manduka yogitoes headband was one of the original yoga accessories developed by the yoga apparel brand, known for its high-quality mats and clothing. However, in 2019, they announced that they had stopped making the product.  This meant that although you could still find some secondhand versions of the headbands online, they were no longer available on Manduka's website.

What Are Some Alternatives To The Yogitoes Headband?

Fortunately, one company created an even better alternative to the Manduka yogitoes headband: Ethyk.  

Manduka yogitoe's headbands may no longer be available, but Ethyk's Brainbelt headband is even better!  

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